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Who We Are

With over a decade in the food and beverage industry, the creators of AllSpice Hospitality sought to recreate those brick and mortar dining experiences right in the comfort of a private residence or event space. With a chef driven philosophy, innovative food service techniques, and highly trained and professional staff AllSpice Hospitality has quickly become a local leader in catering and event services. Our catering is craft-our heart is hospitality. Delve deeper into our mission, philosophy, services and some sample menus by scrolling over the top right menu bar, or just click here to contact us and speak to one of our event specialists.

About the Chef and Owner

Chef and Owner Ben Rubin began working in restaurants at age 17, and has since worked and traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, he went on to earn an associates degree in culinary arts from the coveted Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, New York…

AllSpice Hospitality

Our company was created with personalized service for every event need in mind. Understanding there are many caterers who claim this as their “mission,” we feel so strongly in breaking the mold and delivering a truly unique experience that we chose not to title ourselves as a “catering” company, but as one that delivers hospitality at our core.

So what is “hospitality?” We believe that hospitality starts from the moment you decide to go outside of yourself and invite others in. Be it to your home, to your life, or to your event. Hospitality for us is:

  • The experience from start to finish
  • Ease and comfort
  • Warmth and care

Hospitality for us is not a job, it is our way of life, overflowing into everything we do from food to service, we are here for you.

In order to fully demonstrate our passion and dedication, our team meticulously pours over every detail, and can take care of anything you, or your guests need at any time. Our professional event staff work tirelessly to fulfill our the collective goal of creating amazing life moments for all!

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