Chef Ben Rubin

Early Career

Originally from Columbia, MD, Chef Ben Rubin was raised in a Kosher household by vegetarian parents, went to Jewish day school, and began his culinary career working at a local sub shop up the road. Given these eclectic beginnings it was no wonder why Chef was always looking beyond his perfectly manicure planned community to journey out to see what the world had on the menu.

While attending the University of Pittsburgh, Chef Rubin discovered his love for food, cooking, and hospitality. After studying abroad and experiencing Spanish and Italian cuisine first hand, that romanticized idea of European cuisine was etched permanently within him. Then through various jobs in bars and restaurants, culminating in a fine dining pan-asian restaurant called SOBA, chef was inspired to head off to culinary school post graduation.

Culinary Institute of America

Hyde Park, NY

Chef Rubin describes culinary school as, “a culinary wonderland filled with experimentation, collaboration, and a unique culture that can only exist in such places where like minded creatives are drawn together to learn and grow with one another.” His journey through the Culinary Institute of America afforded him great opportunities such as working aboard a 5,000 person cruise ship (Celebrity Cruises), and working at one of the US’s premier Greek dining destinations (Kyma) in Atlanta. In atlanta he also met his wife and “co-pilot in life,” who is originally from Brazil, and the next stage in our Chef’s adventures.


Paudalho, Brazil

41 km inland from Recife the fourth largest city in Brazil, lies the not so sleepy town of Paudalho. 40,000 residence and a chief industry of brick making courtesy of its rich soil and cheap labor, Paudalho is anything but the culinary mecca Chef experienced at the CIA, but for the first year out of culinary school it was where he called home. A roughly two hour, unairconditioned bus ride would take him too and from the hustle and bustle of the big city, where he spent his days mainly walking around, tasting things and looking for work. He’ll tell you that it was not until he left his wife’s small town, that he realized the beauty in the simple, yet nuanced northeastern cuisine famed throughout Brazil. “Though we can get a lot of similar, or even the same ingredients, fresh and local speak volumes to the authenticity of ‘nordestino’ food.”

D.C. and Columbia, MD

Upon their return chef and his wife worked for the Black Restaurant Group, in D.C. and Bethesda, at the famed BlackSalt Seafood Market and Restaurant, he as both a cook and front of house management, and her just FOH. Next Chef went on to work with a budding catering company which he helped grow culinarily from his position as Exec Sous Chef. Finally deciding to settle back in his roots, Chef decided to bring his global journey home to Columbia, MD where in October of 2016 he began AllSpice Hospitality with one goal in mind: redefine the perspective of catering by raising the culinary bar. Chef will wow you with his food, talk your ear off with culinary philosophy and is such a believer in hospitality that even the staff will tell you how outgoing, and giving he is! Always with a smile on his face, passionate and driven, Chef Ben Rubin truly exemplifies and inspires AllSpice Hospitality and it shows in every dish at every event.


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