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A Brief History


The story of eggs that were boiled, yolks removed, mixed with spices and then refilled with the mixture can be traced back to ancient Rome. Specifically spicy the versions of this were a common in Andalusia in the 13th century. However, the term first appears in print in 1786, wherein it is referring to highly seasoned foods. The evolution takes place from that point on to describe a food which is rich, chocolatey, spicy, or merely suggest a walk on the wild side. So let’s get wild, as they have for hundreds of years, and pick from an array of “devil-ish” eggs!


Deviled Eggs


Classic w. Paprika
Classic Spicy w. Cayenne
Southern: Classic with a southern hot sauce twist
Chive and Onion
Dill and Cucumber
Everything Bagel
Salt and Vinegar
CordonBlue: hot sauce and crisped pancetta
Chicken and the Egg: both “deviled” in their own way
Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon Royal w. Salmon Roe
Steak and Egg
Lobster Roll: Wicked!
Green Eggs and Ham: Herbaceous
South-Western: Think Omelette
Smokey BBQ Y’all.
Baltimore: Blue Crab and Old Bay, Hon!
Buffalo: Celery Slaw, Hot Sauce, Blue Cheese
Greek: Tzatziki…meet Devil–Egg that is.
All White

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